In 2009 Waterberry founded Tukongote Community Projects to improve the educational opportunities in nearby villages. We began with one preschool class in a traditional mud and stick building, and now support over 400 children in 3 purpose-built preschools and 1 primary school.  In 2019 Waterberry Community Projects Limited, supporting Tukongote, became a Registered Charity in the UK.


Tukongote Preschool has 3 grades, a kitchen and canteen area and a playground, where 75 little ones receive free schooling in what is probably the most colourful school in Zambia. In January 2020 we opened our third (Grade 3) Primary School Class.   The Library and Adult Tuition Centre is open to the whole community  - here we help local adults with reading, writing and maths (some even taking the exams they missed years ago) and offer additional tuition to students from other schools who need help to reach exam standard..  We employ more than 40 teachers and support staff many of whom we are assisting to gain recognised teaching qualifications. (More Information)


Many of our staff live in these villages. You can experience everyday rural Zambian life as well as seeing the Tukongote projects in action if you join a village walk whilst staying at Waterberry. It is a fascinating insight.


Guests often ask how they can support this work. All donations go directly to the projects, and if you want to fill that empty space in your luggage, please click on our wish list to find out about our much needed resources.  Our Community Shop at the lodge stocks items made locally and by supporter volunteers.  100% of sales go directly to Tukongote.

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