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Working Together

The majority of the population in rural Southern Zambia has to rely on subsistence farming as employment is rare and opportunities are limited. As an independent lodge, Waterberry has become a major employer and trusted partner for the local community.


Community Projects

In 2009 Waterberry founded Tukongote Community Projects to improve educational opportunities in the nearby villages. From humble, single-classroom beginnings we have developed into a first world standard community school, with 3 preschools, a primary school, an adult teaching centre, library and burgeoning skills centre.


We support the nearby secondary school and (with the help of sponsors) send our best and brightest children to Kazungula High School, to pursue their dreams of higher education and an uplifted future.

You can experience everyday rural Zambian life and see Tukongote projects in action if you join our village walk.

It's a fascinating insight. We employ more than 40 teachers

and support staff.

Our Community Shop at the lodge stocks items made locally and by supporter volunteers. 100% of sales go directly to Tukongote.

During the pandemic, with the help of donors and sponsors, we have created a community farming cooperative to provide much needed extra food for the schoolchildren and also income for community members who joined the project.

In 2019 Waterberry Community Projects Limited, supporting Tukongote, became a Registered Charity in the UK.  Guests often ask how they can support our work. 

To find out more about our projects, to make a donation and to find out how donations are used go to


Read our Newsletters

We're excited to announce that we've now launched our BRAND NEW Tukongote and Waterberry email newsletters! See below for links to all our existing newsletters and to read about all our hard work. You can also subscribe to our emails to make sure you never miss out on the latest happenings from the Tukongote Community and Waterberry Zambezi Lodge.

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