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What to do at Waterberry

There’s so much to do at Waterberry, whether you want to see the amazing Victoria Falls (everyone does!), or just stay put and enjoy our inclusive activities, or plan a programme including special trips with our local activity partners.


When you arrive your host will explain what’s available, and help you plan your stay to make sure you miss nothing but also have enough down time just to enjoy watching the river roll by.  

Victoria Falls Zambia.jpeg
Victoria Falls Zambia.jpeg

Visit Victoria Falls

Flowing over 1.6km of sheer cliff between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the huge body of water changes with every season. High water in the early part of the year floods with absolutely astonishing force, shaking buildings kilometres away, releasing massive spray and vast double rainbows. In the dry season from late October the huge 100m deep canyon is exposed with boiling rapids and views to the fast running cataract on the west side.

It’s the Falls that make Livingstone and Victoria Falls the adventure capital of the world because, apart from just walking around them gazing in awe (and sometimes getting very wet), you can fly over in a helicopter, microlight or plane, raft the world’s most challenging rapids, swim in the Devils Pool (and imagine what Livingstone must have thought the first time he saw this place), or scramble under the Falls and swim in the rock pools below at low water.

Then you can cross the century-plus old railway bridge, hear the history of its construction and walk the engineers’ route under the bridge, watch the white-water rafters hundreds of feet below you, or join the bungee jumpers and gorge sliders as they hurtle down from the bridge. 

All followed by a nice calming drink at one of the Falls or riverside venues – or by a swift helicopter flight back to the lodge. Sometimes at full moon you can even see the lunar rainbow.

Waterberry Activities

You can choose which of these activities you would like to include in your stay.   Your host will discuss your programme when you arrive, to make sure you get to do exactly what you want!

vic falls 1.jpg

Victoria Falls Tour

Walking the paths around The Falls is an unmatched, awe-inspiring experience.  We think everyone should see the Falls from both the Zambian and Zimbabwean sides, because they are very different experiences. . Entry fee: $20pp Zambia and $30pp Zimbabwe.   (Essential note : Make sure you buy the Kaza Visa when you come into Zambia for the first time.   This allows you to cross freely between both countries)


Village Walk

Our village guide lives in the community and will show you  how rural Zambians lead their lives in this completely uncommercial setting.  You're also guaranteed to be followed by curious children!   You'll see our school and education areas and the community farm that are part funded by the village walks.


Zambezi  River Cruises 

A sunset cruise, drifting down the Zambezi into the setting sun, camera in hand, with sundowners and snacks, is almost certain to be your first activity during your stay with us.   You can also choose to get up early and experience dawn on the river as the mist rises and the birds awake.   You will never forget this, we promise. 

Livingstone Tour.jpg

Livingstone Town and Market Tour

Livingstone was the capital of Zambia at the beginning of the 20th century, and some fascinating architecture remains.   In the Museum you can actually pull out and read David Livingstone’s handwritten letters.  At Maramaba Market you will see where local Zambians shop for food, beautiful fabrics and literally everything!


Guided Birding

Our expert guides will take you around the Waterberry riverbank and woodland areas to see our amazing collection of birds.   Keen birders can also visit Mosi O Tunya Park and even the Livingstone Sewage Ponds (something to make your friends jealous when you get home!).


Island Picnic

Cruise to one of our local sandy islands for a champagne picnic, served by your personal butler, and an afternoon spent lazing, just watching the river go by and listening to the sounds of nature. When the river is high and the islands are submerged your picnic will be a lunchtime cruise.  A perfect balance to the previous energetic day spent visiting the Falls.   

Other Activities

Culture, Nature, Adrenaline

There are so many other exciting things to do around Livingstone, organised by our activity partners.   When you arrive you’ll get the chance to find out more so they can be booked for you if you wish, and you'll be charged at the end of your stay.

Victoria Falls Microlight.jpg

Helicopter & Microlight Flights

A flight over Victoria Falls is a fantastic way to understand the dramatic geology of the vast waterfall and its astonishing gorges.   You can choose between the up close and personal microlight, skimming through the spray, or the thrill of flying over the Falls in a helicopter and then swooping into the gorge.  Astonishing.  A great way to complete your Falls visit.

Royal Livingstone Express.jpg

The Royal Livingstone Express

A steam train lover's dream.   Welcome to the train, pull away from the sidings and head for sundowners on the world famous Victoria Falls Bridge, hear the fascinating story about Livingstone (the person and the town) and enjoy a 5-star dinner.  A perfect way to end a day.



A beautiful, peaceful way to experience the Zambezi at water's eye level.   Accompanied by skilled guides to steer you through small rapids, around little islands where crocodiles are basking in the sun (and watching you), and past pods of curious hippos.   

Bungee Jumping Victoria Falls.jpg

Bungee Jump & Gorge Swing

Throw yourself off a bridge 330 feet above the water, eh?   It's up to you - you can watch them open-mouthed or you can join in.   For some people the question is 'why would anyone do that?', for others it is 'how do I get to do that?'.  We have answers for both questions, but for hip and knee replacements the answer is always NO.


Livingstone Island

This once-in-a-lifetime experience takes you to the island in the middle of the Zambezi where David Livingstone first saw The Falls.   You'll peer over the very, very high cliff edge and get the chance to swim at the top of The Falls in the Devil's Pool or the Angel's Chair (and take what will certainly qualify as some of your best-ever holiday snaps).


White Water Rafting

This is THE ultimate rafting trip down the world's most challenging rapids.  The clue, as always, is in the name.  There are rapids called Stairway To Heaven, The Terminator, Oblivion, The Washing Machine, The Devil's Toilet Bowl - are you getting the idea?  The adrenaline surge of a lifetime.  Wonderful.


Horse riding

A lovely, quiet ride through the bush along the riverbank.  Wild animals are unafraid of people on horseback, and so on this gentle saunter from stables back to Waterberry you may see small game and big elephants, and you'll be paired with a horse that understands your ability and travels (mostly) at the speed you want.

Elephants in Chobe National Park.jpg

Chobe Day Trip

This is quite something.  After crossing over the sensational new bridge at Kazungula, which is the border between Zambia and Botswana, you will spend the day in the Chobe River and National Park - world famous for the absolutely stunning variety and quantity of animals and birds.   It's a must for anyone who's not had time to safari, and a huge treat for anyone with a camera.


Historic Bridge Tour

This amusing and educational presentation of the world-famous, more-than-a-century- old, bridge - from initial concept to supremely skilled and inventive building -  is followed by the chance to walk the Engineer's Path under the bridge.  A great story, fantastic views and a serious challenge to your vertigo!

Victoria Falls Zambia.jpeg

Under the Spray

Only at very low water - rafting upstream to reach the cliff, then scrambling and swimming to the amazing rock pools hewn out of the basalt over millions of years.  Swimming in the rock pools, splashing in the spray, an unbelievable experience.  And, for those with enough stamina, carrying on down and rafting the rapids.


Rhino Tracking

Walk to see the white rhino in our local national park.   This is truly an awe- inspiring, humbling experience.   Knowing that we may well be the last generations to see these astonishing animals in the wild, you'll come away feeling privileged and determined to fight for conservation.

More about Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is officially one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and it does not disappoint.  It’s different every month depending on rainfall in Northern Zambia and Angola – with the water taking weeks to reach the Falls until its peak between March and May. Lowest water is roughly mid-October to mid-December


With the always-magnificent Falls each water level offers a different experience with stunning views from both Zambia and Zimbabwe.  The up-close-and-personal Zambian side, with the Falls so near across the narrow gorge, the dramatic knife-edge bridge and the unique Livingstone Island experience are a perfect counterpoint to the beautiful long view from Zimbabwe with its dramatic Western cataract. 


We’ll take you to see both sides so you don't miss a thing.


High Water 

Full on shock and awe.   You’re in for a soaking...


We'll lend you a poncho, stand by with towels and listen while you tell us you have NEVER experienced anything like it in the whole of your life. 


Medium Water 

Adventure and

photography time!


Rafting starts, Livingstone Island opens for the daring Angel's Chair, get your camera out for bright blue skies, exquisite rainbows and soaring birds.


Low Water 

A vast canyon with streams of water & rapids way below...


This is the only time to experience Under the Spray, the Devils Pool is open for swimming and it's the very best time for the very best white water rafting in the World.  

Falls Water Level
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