The benefit of being beside the river is immediately obvious to guests coming off safari, especially during the dry season.  Waterberry is a green haven with beautiful lawns and borders tended by an enthusiastic team of gardeners. The vegetation encourages a wide variety of birds and frogs (and the occasional hippo wandering out of the river to graze).

The swimming pool, large enough for a good swim, has a small plunge pool at one end – safe for children – with tables, chairs and sun loungers.

The new Waterberry Conservation Area is a safe space for the antelopes and small cats already living in the area – with other animals being gradually added.

Guests are welcome to walk the marked paths, take guided birding walks or just sit and relax at the pool or on the lawns, pontoons and platforms around the grounds.  The night sky is amazing ….. look at the photos sent us by guest Cindy Zhou.

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